Frequently Asked Questions

What can Urban Mews offer that competitors can't?

We offer a building experience that is second to none.

  • We meet with your neighbours to help them be comfortable with the changes you're making to your property.
  • Our homes exceed energy efficiency standards.
  • We use top-quality materials and use only licensed builders we have come to trust in our 35 years in the industry.
  • We offer a 10-year government-approved New Home Warranty program.
  • Our in-house design team offers innovative design solutions to meet your family’s needs.
  • We take care of all regulatory permitting and ensure compliance.
  • We source innovative, high-quality and green construction products to built homes that are solid and environmentally-responsible. Because we import these ourselves, we are able to pass those lower costs on to you.
When you build with us, all you need to do is choose your design - just leave the rest to us. If you would like to learn more, give us a call. We'll meet you at our office or in your home, whichever is most convenient for you.

Is there a warranty on these homes?

Yes! Urban Mews offers a 10-year, government-approved Alberta New Home Warranty on every home we build.

What affects the cost of a garden home or garage suite?

Because we are building on your existing property, the cost is far less than what you're used to seeing for a new home. Costs depend on the design you choose and the finishes you would like inside. There are a lot of other factors that impact price. Servicing is a cost most people don't think about; your garden suite needs to be connected to drainage, water, gas and power. Demolition and removal of an existing garage also affects the price. Keeping these factors in mind, a garden home starts at around $125,000, and a garage suite starts at around $150,000. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Should I consider a shipping container home instead?

Shipping container homes are significantly more expensive option that comes with an assortment of challenges. They were never designed to be homes, so they require a lot of effort to modify them into a residence. Myth: They're environmentally friendly Fact: The theory is that by purchasing a single-use container, you are saving it from taking up space at the landfill. This is misleading. In fact, containers are designed and certified for six shipments, so by taking a container out of circulation after just one shipment, additional containers need to be manufactured. Builders use them after only one shipment because they get more damaged and rusted with each shipment. Once those containers complete their six journeys, they are recycled into other metal products, so they were never destined for the landfill anyway. Myth: They're clean and safe Fact: While companies do thoroughly clean the containers before they are repurposed as homes, the fact is that you don't know for sure what was shipped in that container when it made its first and only shipment. If it contained chemicals or hazardous materials, any amount that leaked would be absorbed in the container's bamboo floor - and while that's covered up in the building process, those chemicals are still in your home. Urban Mews homes are built with high-quality materials, and exceed energy efficiency standards. We are proud to stand behind our product.

What is the maximum size for a garage or garden suite?

We can custom-design your home as you like - the only limitations are the size of your lot and local bylaws. We will assess your property, then discuss what is possible and would work best for you.

Can you build a garage suite on my existing garage?

No. Garages are not designed and constructed to have residential suites built upon them. Existing garages are not built to residential housing and fire codes. Most existing garages are built on pads that could not sustain a garage suite and have a 2 X 4 as opposed to a 2 X 6 frame. Garage suites, in reality, are homes with garages beneath.