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Our Designs

We have a variety of garage (mews) suite and garden home designs with a wide range of options.

Custom designs (including larger suites) are also available - the only limit is your lot size and local bylaws.

Click on either Garage Suites or Garden Homes to see more photos.

Make the most of your space! Adding living quarters to your garage is an economical and environmentally-responsible way to increase income or provide space for family members.

Garden homes are a great option for those who have backyard space and are looking for additional income or more space for family members. These one-storey options knit with the existing fabric of your neighbourhood.

Mews: [myo͞oz] - Primarily British term describing a row of stables, with carriage houses below and living quarters above, built around a paved yard or court, or along a street, behind large city houses.

Affordable recreational living is possible! If you have the land, we can design and build a cottage on your dream location.

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