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Generating a Buzz

-By Thomas Lukaszuk

I saw this segment on CTV news (which happens to be a channel of choice in my home) and thought about the families I know that have chosen this lifestyle: grandparents, parents and kids all living together under the same roof.

Multi-generational living is common-place in many parts of the world, and now it’s flourishing in Edmonton. And why not? Children benefit from having their grandparents a few steps away, parents get an extra set of hands to help out with the kids, and grandparents can relax and enjoy their retirement. Never mind all the economic benefits of sharing one property!

For most, the only drawbacks are the lack of privacy and reduced independence. And those are big ones for some people!

But what if you could have it all?

A garage or garden suite is the perfect solution for multi-generational living. Grandparents can have a fully accessible garden suite, keeping the independence they’re used to in a more manageable space. The rest of the family is close enough to share meals when they want to, but the option to have a quieter dinner still exists.

Many municipalities are recognizing this growing trend, and are adjusting bylaws to accommodate garage and garden suites. Of course, navigating those bylaws to see if your property is a fit is always tricky. Give me a call and we’ll assess your property to help determine what’s possible for your family.

Multi-Generational Living
Courtesy CTV News Edmonton

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