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Not in my backyard? Think again!

- By George Iligan

They call us the sandwich generation. Our kids are still at home, and at the same time our parents are starting to need more support. We eventually come to a point where we need to make tough decisions. When the people who raised us can no longer live alone, what can we do?

About a fifth of Canadians are challenged with the responsibility of managing their aging parents' care and, at the same time, either still raising their teenage children or having grown-up children return home.

As the population ages, it’s only going to become a more normal part life for Canadians. The bad news is that, in all likelihood, their parents will find it difficult to find an affordable retirement home, as waiting lists for seniors' homes continue to grow exponentially. Financially constrained governments can't keep up with construction and privately developed facilities are too expensive for most. Also, facilities are poor substitutes for homes. Thousands of Alberta seniors are on waiting lists for suitable accommodation, while they no longer can manage to live in their own houses with stairs and other mobility barriers.
Edmonton Jewish News, May 28, 2018

More and more families are becoming multi-generational, welcoming grandma or grandpa into their homes. For many, it’s a great solution for everyone involved, but it can also feel like a loss of independence for your parent or a sacrifice for you. After all, there’s only so much space in your home.

But what if you think outside of the house?

If you have a yard or a detached garage, you may have more options than you thought.

Especially since Edmonton and other municipalities, recognizing the need, changed the bylaws to allow garden homes and garage suites.

The Edmonton Jewish News sees Urban Mews as the local answer to this growing need. “Urban Mews homes allow families to remain together in the same yard – mere steps away, but with the privacy you desire.”

At Urban Mews, we combine decades of experience and expertise in community development and architecture to design attractive, economic, and ecological garden homes and above-garage suites to meet the growing demand for such housing.

Urban Mews homes can be disability friendly, they exceed all building and energy codes and are covered by government approved New Home Warranty. We take the time to design every home according to our customer’s unique needs. We also look after permits and other paperwork to make sure the new structure is fully compliant with local bylaws.

The best part is, you, your children and your aging parents get the best of both worlds; support of loving family members nearby while maintaining your privacy and independence.

Not to mention, you’ll have a little less mowing to do!

Give us a call. We’d be happy to meet with you and your parents to begin this exciting new phase of your lives.

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